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Mary Ruth Says, 'Liquids Till Lunch"

Mary Ruth Says, 'Liquids Till Lunch"

Mary Ruth Ghiyam of Mary Ruth Organics is a huge proponent of eating only “Liquids Till Lunch”. What this means is just that - take only liquids like water, tea, coffee, vegetable broth or green juice until lunchtime.

But is this a good thing if we’ve been raised to think that “breakfast is the most important meal of that day”? Mary Ruth says, yes! Giving our digestive system a break from solid foods means it has a chance to properly rest and repair, which in turn allows our enzymes to address other issues like digestive ailments and inflammatory diseases. Fasting in this way has also been shown to support a healthy balance of microorganisms that aid digestion.

Will I lose weight with Liquids Till Lunch? You might but, a lot of people do. But this practice is more about a more efficient way of using your body’s energy stores. When you’re not eating solids for 12 hours or so, your body will first use up glycogen (a chain of stored sugars in the liver) and if you don’t have glycogen stores, your body will then burn up fat cells. And yes, fat burning means weight loss. But more importantly, when the body metabolizes energy stores in this way,  people have reported actually feeling more energetic and mentally alert.

If you’re planning to try Liquids Till Lunch, Mary Ruth says, you don’t have to suffer to make a change in your life. You can try Liquids Till Lunch a few times a week rather than daily. If you’re starving by 10am, go ahead and have a fruit. Do what feels right for you on your wellness journey. 


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