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BLOG LAUNCH SALE: Enjoy 30% off our  digestion-enhancing Vegan Digestive Food Enzyme!

BLOG LAUNCH SALE: Enjoy 30% off our digestion-enhancing Vegan Digestive Food Enzyme!

To celebrate the launch of the Other Options Lifestyle blog, we’re giving the first five (5) customers 30% off when you purchase the Mary Ruth Organics Vegan Digestive Food Enzymes. 

Our sale period is only available until supplies last so time to make a move!   

While you may be occupied taking care of your day-to-day activities, Other Options Lifestyle is always looking at new ways to help you boost your health and well-being through our wide-range of high-quality products.

If you’re looking to take stress of your digestive organs, then this Digestive Food Enzymes product could be the right fit for you.

Product information:

This Digestive Food blend is formulated to aid digestion, enhance nutrient absorption and restore balance to your gut biome. These are key aspects to address, especially when it comes to the gut biome. Emerging research supports that healthy bodies and minds start with a healthy gut.

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Product feedback:

”I love taking digestive enzymes regularly if I eat a heavy or hard to digest meal. This sustains my weight! And keeps me from ever feeling bloated. This digestive enzyme blend accomplishes that! EVERYONE should absolutely keep digestive enzymes on hand. They help burn fat and increase energy!”

- Hagen Kegley (Verified feedback from MaryRuth Organics page)

To get your 30% off, use the code ENZYME30 at checkout. Don’t miss out! You may send us a message via our email or Instagram page (@ph.maryruth) to inquire and purchase this product.

Have a great week ahead!

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