Digestion Set

₱5,100.00 ₱5,900.00

Give your body the extra GI support it needs with our Digestion Bundle. The Digestion Bundle provides all that you need to get started on a path to great digestive health. This bundle includes:

Liquid Probiotic
The Liquid Probiotics increase energy levels, assist in controlling digestive problems, enhance weight loss & weight maintenance programs, suppress bad bacteria, fight yeast and fungal infections, improve immune function, reduce cholesterol, and help with liver function.

Probiotic Turmeric+
These capsules contain a powerful blend of turmeric and three probiotic strains, formulated to support the gastrointestinal tract and to aid those who suffer from chronic digestive issues.

Ultra Digestive Enzyme Capsules
These capsules are an extra strength blend of enzymes, formulated to support digestion, with anti-gas & bloating enzymes, and enzymes to digest proteins, carbs, fiber, fat and lactose. Supporting your natural enzyme production may lower inflammation and aid those with illnesses related to nutrient malabsorption.

Your gastrointestinal health is also key to your physical and mental well-being. Make sure it remains in tip-top shape by bringing home this Digestion Bundle.