Ayo! Organic Liquid Probiotics


gut health • immune function  • digestive support

What can Aÿo probiotics do for me? 

Taking Ayo Liquid Probiotics promotes a healthy gut microbiome which is essential for optimal health, efficient digestion and immune function. 

Probiotics in their raw, LIQUID form keeps more of the friendly microbes alive and active. Our organic, potent, shelf-stable formulation consists of 11 strands of bacteria to ensure a robust and diverse intestinal flora.  

How will I feel after taking Aÿo! Liquid Probiotics? 

A cleansing reaction is normal for some folks due to the buildup of toxins, pathogens and bad bacteria through the years. Ayo Liquid Probiotics works immediately, crowding them out and balancing your system.  Some mild reactions may include diarrhea, mild stomach or headaches, sluggishness or feeling sick. That's ok - it's working for you!  These mild symptoms only last a few days and then, you’re on your way to a better digestive system and stronger immunity.


Customer Reviews

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Anya Uy
Works fast!

Took this hoping it would help my acid reflux, and after 2 days, I'd say I'm 99% better! Also got it for my kids who are taking swimming lessons, to avoid a bad tummy when they accidentally swallow pool water.

Phyllis Secosana

Ayo! Liquid Probiotics for Humans (2oz)

Glennda Canlas

Ayo! Liquid Probiotics for Humans (2oz)

Must have!

My son is not a fan of gummies so this works well for him and is pedia approved 👍 Fast delivery too!

Isa Abuan

Quickest delivery of my life!