Ayo! Liquid Probiotics (2oz)


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What are probiotics? 

Probiotics are live microbial organisms that are naturally present in the digestive tract and are beneficial to their host. (Pro-biotic literally means “for life”). Digestion problems are often rooted in a microbial imbalance between good and bad bacteria. The bad bacteria promote disease and illness, while the good bacteria support healthy digestion, efficient absorption of nutrients, vitamins, and minerals to help eliminate toxins.  

Why are probiotics important? 

It’s not just about digestion. Studies show that 80% of our immune system resides in the gut. An unhealthy gut most likely means a weak immune system. Why? Because a poor digestive tract is unable to properly absorb essential nutrients and fight off harmful toxins. A build-up of toxins can lead to various health issues later in life. Exposure to air pollution, a poor diet, stress and antibiotic medication – facts of modern life – can contribute to killing off the probiotics that we need for digestive and overall health. 

What makes Ayo! different from other probiotics on the market? 

Not all probiotics are created equal. Some work better than others. At Ayo!, we prefer probiotics in their raw, LIQUID form as this keeps more of the friendly microbes alive and active. Our organic, potent, shelf-stable formulation consists of 11 strands of bacteria to ensure a robust and diverse intestinal flora. 

How will I feel after taking Ayo! Liquid Probiotics? 

When you introduce new strains of probiotics into your system, a cleansing reaction is normal for some individuals.  A buildup of toxins, antigens, pathogens, bad bacteria, yeast or fungus have occurred over a period of time and Liquid Probiotics go to work immediately crowding them out and balancing your system.  Some mild reactions may include diarrhea, mild stomach or headaches, sluggishness or feeling sick. That's ok; it's working for you!  These symptoms will only last a few days and you will be on your way to a better digestive system and stronger immune response. 

It takes time for the body to heal itself. After years of processed food, environmental toxins, chlorinated and fluoride-treated water, over-eating, sugars, artificial sweeteners, nitrates, preservatives, and life stresses; your immune system needs repairing and boosting, especially after taking antibiotics (which kill both good and bad microbial populations). Potent organic probiotics help replenish and restore healthy flora in the digestive tract. This Colony of Warriors effectively helps crowd out bad bacteria and support your body's immune system. 

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So easy to use!

I just love it. I can easily share it with the whole family and it’s a travel size bottle too!