Gluten Relief Enzymes (60 Count)

₱1,170.00 ₱1,300.00

  • Our proprietary blend of enzymes has been developed to aid in the digestion of gluten, ultimately boosting metabolism and supporting the immune system. These enzymes may also mitigate common side-effects of digesting gluten, such as bloating, gas and abdominal pain.

    Each bottle comes with 60 servings.


  • Per Serving (1 Capsule): 280mg Proprietary Blend: Protease Blend; Amylase Blend; Glucoamylase; Cellulase; Hemicellulases; Beta-Glucanase; Xylanase; Pectinase; Phytase; Alpha-Galactosidase; Lactase; Lipase.
  • Other Ingredients: Plant-based Vegan Capsule.
  • Suggested Use: Adults take one capsule prior to each meal or more capsules as needed.
  • Keep out of reach of children in case of accidental overdose or choking.
  • Each bottle comes with 60 servings. Store in a cool, dry place.