Organic Liquid Probiotics for Humans



Support the Immune System and Digestion with our USDA Certified Organic Liquid Probiotic. Our probiotics are raw, plant-based, highly potent strains sourced directly from Mother Nature: extracted with water from a proprietary blend of three organic grasses.


    This 100% plant-based, raw, and vegan USDA Certified Organic Liquid Probiotic is extracted with water from a proprietary blend of three organic grasses. Our shelf-stable liquid probiotic is formulated with 12 probiotic strains to support gut health and the immune system — no refrigeration required! Try out our regular 4 oz bottle for everyday use, or the travel-friendly 2 oz bottle when you’re on the go. 

    Each bottle comes with 40 servings.


    Lactobacillus acidophilus, L. rhamnosus, L. salivarius, L. casei, L. plantarum, Lactococcus lactis, Streptococcus thermophilus, Bifidobacterium bifidum, B. lactis, B. infantis, B. breve, and B. longum in an enzyme-enriched substrate, extracted with water from a proprietary blend of three organic grasses.

    Suggested Use: Our liquid probiotic can be taken with the dropper or sprayer any time of day, on an empty or full stomach directly or with liquids. Avoid hot liquids to protect the integrity of the live probiotics. One pump fills the dropper halfway, which is equivalent to 0.75 mL, or 4 full sprays✝. 

    First time use: Take ½ dose, preferably with food or liquids. Gradually increase the dose as you see fit. 

    Adults: Take 3 mL (60 drops, 4 pumps or 16 sprays) with water, juice or alone. 

    Children (ages 4-12): Take ½ the adult dose (30 drops, 2 pumps or 8 sprays).

    Children (ages 1-3): Take ¼ the adult dose (15 drops, 1 pumps or 4 sprays).

    Pregnant & Lactating Women & Seniors (65 Years+): Consult a physician or healthcare professional. 

    Important: We genuinely care about all our customers, which is why we always suggest consulting with a physician or healthcare professional before starting any health supplement. Discontinue use if any negative reaction occurs. 

     ✝Droppers can sometimes fill to ⅓ due to variations in air pressure, etc.


    Q: I’m not feeling a difference when taking this, why?

    A: You ask a good question! About 50% of our customers see immediate physical results whether it be less bloating, better digestion, or better bowel movements.  However, a large portion of our customers do not feel a difference at all.  Most of these changes can be strictly internal and nothing you can “feel working.”  Regardless, please reach out to us if you are not satisfied with the product. 

    Q: How should I use this? Can I take it with drinks or food?

    A: Our liquid probiotic is easy to take directly or can be added to another cold liquid. Some prefer to add it to the Liquid Morning Multivitamin in the morning, and some prefer to take it later in the day — it’s your preference! 

    Q: Can my kids use the Liquid Probiotics too?

    A: In general, everyone — children and adults — should check with their physician, pediatrician, or healthcare professional before beginning any new wellness supplement to make sure the supplement is suitable for their health. Your physician, pediatrician, or healthcare professional knows you and/or your children best, knows what other supplements or prescriptions you or your child are already on, as well as knowing if you, or your child, are facing any health challenges.

    If your child’s physician, pediatrician or healthcare professional feels the probiotics are suitable for the child, we recommend considering the dosages, broken down by age, on the box and label of the probiotics. Additionally, your respective provider can assist you in determining the appropriate dosage for your child.

    Q: What are the differences between the liquid probiotic and the capsule probiotics?

    A: That is a great question! We have both liquid and capsule probiotics available for many reasons.

    Our Liquid Probiotic is a great option whether you are purchasing for just yourself, or the whole family! It is easy to dose out the proper amounts for any age with the liquid formula by using the dropper. Our capsule probiotics, however, are formulated in proper dosage amounts for adults.

    You’ll also notice that the formulas differ between our liquid and capsule probiotics. Because the capsules have additional ingredients in them (such as Turmeric in our Probiotic Turmeric+ or Garcinia cambogia in our Probiotic Weight Management+), they must be encapsulated. Thus the capsule products would not be shelf stable in liquid form with some of these additional ingredients.

    Lastly, our Liquid Probiotic was created for general digestive health, while our probiotic capsules were created for targeted support, such as weight management, the support of collagen production & skin health, or occasional digestive issues.

    If you aren’t sure which probiotic is best for your needs, we recommend you check with your physician or healthcare professional to assist you in determining which probiotic and dosage is suitable for you!