Liquid Ionic Zinc (4 oz)

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Support Healthy Immune Function with this Easy-To-Take Liquid Zinc. Our Liquid Zinc is a no-nonsense way of assuring your body gets the amount of this essential mineral it needs for overall health. 

Made With Organic Ingredients | Non-GMO | Vegan | Dairy Free | Nut Free | Gluten & Wheat Free | Soy Free | Corn Free | Nightshade Free | Sugar Free | Bariatric Friendly | Celiac Friendly | Kid Friendly | Made in a GMP Facility


Zinc is an essential mineral, meaning that it’s necessary for health, but the human body is unable to synthesize it! Zinc is one of the most abundant trace minerals in your body, and it is present in all body tissues. The optimal concentration of zinc in the body is necessary for healthy immune function, and homeostasis of this mineral plays a role in supporting the health of your body’s macrophages, an important component of your innate immune system. This mineral is needed for several bodily processes including certain gene expression and DNA repair. Zinc also helps to support cellular metabolism and maintain skin integrity. Our Liquid Zinc is a no-nonsense way to ensure that your body gets the amount of this essential mineral it needs for overall health.

Each bottle comes with 40 servings.  


Per Serving (3 mL; ~4 droppers): 11.25 mg Zinc (as Zinc Sulfate). Other Ingredients: Organic Glycerin (from Mustard Seed), Purified Water.

Suggested Use: Shake well before each use. Use the following chart to assess dosage.

Age Serving Size
Adults & Children (4 Years and Up) 3 mL = ~4 Pumps✝
Toddlers (0-3 Years) 0.8 mL = ~1 Pump✝
Pregnant/Lactating 3.5 mL = ~4.5 Pumps✝

✝The dropper typically fills about ⅓ of the way with 1 pump. 

Store in a cool, dry place. Keep out of reach of children in case of accidental overdose or choking.


Q: How does Zinc support the immune system?

A: Zinc plays many roles within the body that support the immune system and is crucial for the normal function and development of cells that are important for immune function. Macrophages, an important part of a healthy immune system, depend on zinc homeostasis to perform properly.

Since many cells depend on zinc, cell proliferation will not occur with a zinc deficiency and these cell systems, such as the immune system, will not function properly. As an essential mineral for the immune system, make sure you are keeping adequate zinc levels in your body to support this process! 

Q: How does Zinc support skin health?

A: The skin is an organ that is continuously renewing itself and has many zinc-dependent cells to do so. As the third-most zinc-abundant tissue in the body, the skin requires zinc to act as a co-factor in over 1,000 enzymatic reactions and over 2,000 transcription factors in the skin. Zinc homeostasis is necessary for skin to properly perform actions needed to maintain itself. 

Q: What does Ionic mean?

A: MaryRuth’s Liquid Ionic Zinc is a liquid dietary supplement that provides zinc in ionic form, meaning that zinc is found as ions in the solution. While science may not yet completely understand the absorption pathway of zinc in humans, intestinal zinc absorption is mainly mediated by the ZIP4 transporter to import ionic zinc into intestinal cells called enterocytes.

Zinc sulfate is considered GRAS by the FDA, and it was chosen for our product because it has a high reported absorption rate at 71% (compared, for example, to zinc citrate at 61.3%, zinc gluconate at 60.9% or zinc oxide at 49.9%).

Reference: Zinc Absorption by Young Adults from Supplemental Zinc Citrate Is Comparable with That from Zinc Gluconate and Higher than from Zinc Oxide

Q: What is the source of your Organic Glycerin?

A: The organic glycerin is sourced from mustard seed.  

Q: What is the purpose of the glycerin in this product?

A: The Glycerin (also called Glycerol or Glycerine) in this product acts as a carrier, or base liquid, that our Zinc is suspended in, and was chosen for a couple of reasons.

As a producer of vegan supplements, Glycerin is a great option for us because it can be sourced from vegan ingredients; the Glycerin in this product is derived from mustard seed. Not only is Glycerin a natural preservative, but it’s also a natural sweetener, which helps mitigate the strong mineral-y taste of the Zinc, making our Liquid Zinc supplement more palatable.

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One of my go-to liquid Zinc Sulfate brand. I always make sure I have a quality liquid zinc sulfate at home. Very helpful at the onset of flu or whenever we are feeling under the weather.

Liquid Ionic Zinc

Great product! So effective